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Is the pandemic affecting life how we see it? Something that no one says about eye health is how home confinement, as a result of COVID-19, has increased the hours we spend in front of our computer, smartphone or any other digital device. Home office, online classes and the constant use of virtual media, either for fun or making some “social life”, are activities that are here to stay. In this point, is “a must” to have a good vision insurance plan and this is the reason…

Too much screen time has caused symptoms like eye strain, blurred vision or dry eyes; these are well known by specialists as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which has propitiated the perfect background for emergent genetic visual pathologies, like myopia. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, in 2050 a 50 % of the world population will suffer this pathology, mainly affecting the most vulnerable communities who don’t count with vision insurance plans, enough resources or information to avoid or control the rise of these eye diseases.

Also, a high percentage of the population don’t have any routine check-ups or is only concerned when there is already an eye problem. Many people may even think that their vision is healthy because they have got used to their way of “seeing”, when this is not the case.

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of people who don’t check their vision on an annual basis because they only think about the high costs in case of finding any pathology to treat or prevent.

However, in VICLE Eye Care we are part of ten insurance plans that will help you maintain a clear and functional vision without affecting your pocket.

adult couple researching vision insurance plans
With a little research, you can find the eye insurance that best favors your eyesight and your wallet.

What’s the best vision insurance plan for you? Check out these affordable options:

1. Wellcare

Many WellCare plans offer additional eye care benefits:

  • Annual eye exam with no co-payment (in-network)
  • Glaucoma prevention care
  • Diabetic retinal exam
  • Allowance toward the purchase of unlimited eyewear
  • Fixed costs that make it easy to budget for your eye care

2. Devoted

In this vision insurance plan, the yearly routine eye exam is free and gives you money toward eyewear; you can check your summary of benefits to see how much you have this year

The only thing you need to do is schedule a visit with an in-network provider. Then, they’ll test your vision and help you choose the right glasses or contacts for you.

Note that some providers offer eyewear, but not the exam. So you can go to one provider for the exam and another for your glasses or contacts.

3. Solis

Solis offers you and affordable Medicare advantage plans with a personalized approach to safeguarding your health.

As part of the goal to simplify the process, they refer to these plans as SPF —Solis Protection Factor— followed by a number to identify the plan. That’s it; no slick names, nothing fancy… Just SPF 001, and so on.

Vision benefits: $300 a year towards eyewear

4. Superior Vision

Superior Vision provides primary vision care benefits including eye examinations, prescription eyewear, and contact lenses through a broad-based provider network consisting of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians.

The plan also contracts with a large number of national and regional optometric chain locations. 

5. Ambetter

Vision care is part of essential health benefits available in all Ambetter plans. This service cover eye exams and prescription eyewear.

6. Sunshine

This vision insurance plan includes routine eye exam, ages 21 and older (one per year based on date of service) and prescription eyeglasses ages 21 and older.

7. MMM

This option offers you two different plans: MMM ELITE and MMM EXTRA.

MMM ELITE benefits $700 yearly (vision) or $500 yearly; and MMM EXTRA benefits includes $100 yearly (vision).

8. Cigna

With this plan you will get:

  • One vision and eye health evaluation, including but not limited to eye health examination, dilation, refraction and prescription for glasses.
  • One frame of choice covered up to retail plan allowance, plus a 20 % savings on amount that exceeds frame allowance.
  • One pair of prescription plastic or glass lenses, all ranges of prescriptions (powers and prisms).

9. VSP

Benefits includes exams, single vision lenses, lined bifocal lenses, lined trifocal lenses, progressive lenses, frames and contact lenses.

10. Spectera

Spectera plans cover most or part of the cost of a comprehensive eye exam and eyeglasses (including frames and optical lenses, contact lenses, contact lens fittings and follow up).

If you want to know more about this plans, contact us or visit us at 1231 Stirling rd unit 110, Dania, FL 33004 and we will help you choose the vision insurance plan that better fits your needs.

Remember, visual health care is a long time investment.

Most of the eyes pathologies come in a result of the constant carelessness of our eye health, which can lead to a series of severe complications that put in risk our vision.

The moment of acting is now, start investing in your eye care.


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